• Mariposa Gown
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    Mariposa Gown Rigoberto Gonzalez

    In the sequel to The Mariposa Club, devoted Maui, fabulous Trini, and Goth-boy Liberace discover that the miedo and drama of life as a senior in high school is never-ending. The cure: friendship. But the bonds between… More

  • My Dear Watson
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    My Dear Watson L.A. Fields

    Lammy finalists sale! Normally $8.99

    One of the most famous partnerships in literature yields, over time, to a peculiar romantic triangle. Sherlock Holmes. Dr. John Watson. And the good doctor’s second wife,… More

  • The Garden
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    The Garden Chaz Brenchley

    Originally published in the UK in 1990, Chaz Brenchley’s The Garden is a beautifully written novel of heart-pounding suspense and psychological horror. At twenty-four, Steph Anderson has been two years a widow,… More