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    Sherlock Holmes Mystery Magazine #15
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    Sherlock Holmes Mystery Magazine 4-Issue Subscription Marvin Kaye

    New Holmes stories, classic reprints, new fiction, cartoon, reviews, and more. Edited by Marvin Kaye. Published by Wildside.… More

  • Closet Dreams
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    Closet Dreams Lisa Tuttle

    “Something terrible happened to me when I was a little girl…” so begins this extraordinary, International Horror Guild Award-winning tale of abduction, survival and escape from the author Stephen… More

  • Sherlock Holmes Mystery Magazine #5
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    Sherlock Holmes Mystery Magazine #5 Marvin Kaye et al.

    The fifth issue of Sherlock Holmes Mystery Magazine — a special Holmes Fiction Issue — features an amazing new Holmes short novel by Carla Coupe, “The Adventure of the Haunted Bagpipes,” … More

  • Dogs
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    Dogs Nancy Kress

    “Kress, a witty and engaging writer, creates chilling suspense as twisty as a DNA double helix.” -Publishers Weekly

    “Her style is devilishly inventive, her characters are more than cardboard … More

  • One Step Closer
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    One Step Closer Iain Rowan

    infinity plus singles #1 [Oct 2011]

    Life jumps the rails, runs away from you and there’s no catching it up. Not ever. A free short story from Iain Rowan, winner of the Derringer Award for best short crime story. “I… More

  • The Life Business
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    The Life Business John Grant

    infinity plus singles #6 [Nov 2011]

    With astonishing power, award-winning author John Grant portrays the human facility to falsify history, using as his backdrop the beginnings of the late-20th-century troubles… More

  • Pilots of the Purple Twilight
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    Pilots of the Purple Twilight Kit Reed

    The wives spent every day by the pool – this was where the men had left them, after all. A moving, incisive story that gets right under your skin from an author whose prose style has been described as “pure dry… More

  • Erased
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    Erased Nick Gifford

    You’re not paranoid if they really are after you.

    Someone is messing with Liam’s world. All the rules have changed and his life has unravelled completely. He can’t even trust his own memories.

    What… More

  • Tomorrow
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    Tomorrow Nick Gifford

    Tomorrow: a future only you can see; a future only you can save…

    When fifteen-year-old Luke’s father dies, his eccentric family threatens to descend into chaos. Luke distracts himself by helping to sort… More