• The Padishah’s Son and the Fox: an erotic novella
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    The Padishah’s Son and the Fox: an erotic novella Alex Jeffers

    Lammy Winner sale! Normally $6.99.

    In a Turkish prison on the Black Sea coast, a lifer known as Yamyam “the Canniba” whiles away tedious days and nights retelling old folk tales to the other inmates. But … More

  • Six Positions
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    Six Positions Andy Quan

    Written with a poet’s sense of language and the quirky voice of an outsider among outsiders, Six Positions takes the reader on a frank and entertaining international road trip of clubs, baths, and sex parties.… More

  • Like a Prince
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    Like a Prince Rachel Kinkaid et al.

    Five gay fairy tales that feature classic stories like “The Beauty and the Beast” and “Cinderella” with a queer twist. What are the erotic possibilities of the dashing princes and dark forbidden forests that we learned… More

  • Virgin Sailors
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    Virgin Sailors Ken Smith

    A collection of red hot and shocking true-to-life stories about horny young British sailors and their outrageous gay antics on and offshore. Join Mike, Dave, Danny and Smudge on their first reunion since they left training.… More

  • Skin
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    Skin Ken Smith

    Taddy Tadworth is off to a camp filled with sexy and stunning trainee sailors. Spud is his roommate, a hunk of a straight sailor. But Taddy is well versed in the ways of dealing with horny straight sailors and knows he need… More

  • Takedown: Taming John Wesley Harding
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    Takedown: Taming John Wesley Harding Dale Chase

    Few Texans believe the notorious gunman John Wesley Hardin, who has killed more than thirty men over a ten-year period, will ever be captured, but on a fall day in 1878 he enters the Huntsville prison to serve a twenty-five-year… More