• Final Issue:
    Fireside Magazine — Issue Three

    Fireside Magazine Brian White

    Dear Weightless Books Fireside Subscribers,

    IF YOU FOLLOWED our last Kickstarter at all, you’ll know that it was a very close thing getting Issue Three funded. We knew there was going to be a point of Kickstarter fatigueMore

  • Fireside Magazine – Issue 1
    Formats :

    Fireside Magazine – Issue 1 Brian White et al.

    First published on April 17, 2012.

    The debut issue of Fireside, a multigenre fiction and comics magazine.

    This issue includes stories by Tobias Buckell (“Press Enter to Execute), Ken Liu (“To The Moon”),… More

  • Current Issue:
    Sherlock Holmes Mystery Magazine #15
    Formats :

    Sherlock Holmes Mystery Magazine 4-Issue Subscription Marvin Kaye

    New Holmes stories, classic reprints, new fiction, cartoon, reviews, and more. Edited by Marvin Kaye. Published by Wildside.… More

  • Giallo Fantastique
    Formats :

    Giallo Fantastique Ross E. Lockhart et al.

    An anthology of original strange stories at the intersection of crime, terror, and supernatural fiction. Inspired by and drawing from the highly stylized cinematic thrillers of Argento, Bava, and Fulci; American… More

  • Sherlock Holmes Mystery Magazine #5
    Formats :

    Sherlock Holmes Mystery Magazine #5 Marvin Kaye et al.

    The fifth issue of Sherlock Holmes Mystery Magazine — a special Holmes Fiction Issue — features an amazing new Holmes short novel by Carla Coupe, “The Adventure of the Haunted Bagpipes,” … More

  • Crimewave #11
    Formats :

    Crimewave #11 Andy Cox et al.

    The evocative wraparound cover art is by Ben Baldwin.


    Plainview Part One: The Shoe Store by Dave Hoing

    Friday, November 28, 1975• The owner of the shop, a local eccentric named Kohlsrud, had liver spots on … More

  • The Blackmail Blend
    Formats :

    The Blackmail Blend Livia Day

    Six romance writers Five secrets Four poison pen letters Three stolen manuscripts Two undercover journalists One over-complicated love life Way too many teacups and tiny sandwiches Cake, not murder. Cake hardly … More

  • Black Static #44
    Formats :

    Black Static #44 Andy Cox

    The January–February issue contains new dark fiction by Simon Avery (novelette), Priya Sharma, Jackson Kuhl, E. Catherine Tobler, and Tyler Keevil (novelette). The cover art is by Martin Hanford, and interior illustrations… More

  • One Step Closer
    Formats :

    One Step Closer Iain Rowan

    infinity plus singles #1 [Oct 2011]

    Life jumps the rails, runs away from you and there’s no catching it up. Not ever. A free short story from Iain Rowan, winner of the Derringer Award for best short crime story. “I… More

  • The Life Business
    Formats :

    The Life Business John Grant

    infinity plus singles #6 [Nov 2011]

    With astonishing power, award-winning author John Grant portrays the human facility to falsify history, using as his backdrop the beginnings of the late-20th-century troubles… More

  • Drowned Vanilla
    Formats :

    Drowned Vanilla Livia Day

    It’s the beginning of a hot, hot summer in Hobart. Tabitha Darling is in love with the wrong man, and determined to perfect the art of ice cream. Playing amateur detective again is definitely not on the cards—not even when… More

  • Patty Hearst and The Twinkie Murders
    Formats :

    Patty Hearst and The Twinkie Murders Paul Krassner

    Patty Hearst & The Twinkie Murders is darkly satiric take on two of the most famous cases of our era: the kidnapping of heiress Patty Hearst and the shocking assassination of San Francisco Mayor George Moscone and… More

  • Futures
    Formats :

    Futures John Barker

    Carol is a small-time cocaine dealer in 1987 London. A single parent to a young daughter, she is a good mother who is especially careful in her work life, introducing herself to customers as “Simone.” One of these customers… More

  • One of Us
    Formats :

    One of Us Iain Rowan

    Shortlisted for the Crime Writers’ Association’s Debut Dagger award.

    Anna is one of the invisible people. She fled her own country when the police murdered her brother and her father, and now she serves… More

  • The Mind of Dr. Morelle
    Formats :

    The Mind of Dr. Morelle Ernest Dudley

    On the plane from New York to London, Dr. Morelle chances to meet Edwin Gale, a smooth-tongued swindler. Inexplicably, Gale finds himself drawn to the famous psychiatrist-detective, and so begins one of Dr. Morelle’s… More

  • Dr. Morelle and the Doll
    Formats :

    Dr. Morelle and the Doll Ernest Dudley

    In a wild, bleak corner of the Kent Coast, a derelict harbour rots beneath the tides. Here the “Doll,” a film-struck waif, and her lover, ex-movie star Tod Hafferty, play out their final, tragic, ill-fated,… More