• The Bachelor Machine
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    The Bachelor Machine M. Christian

    Now available in ebook for the first time, 18 short stories of crackling erotic futures by the master of erotic voice, M. Christian. Men, women, hackers, derelicts, enforcers, hustlers, and whores in every combination… More

  • The Velderet
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    The Velderet Cecilia Tan et al.

    The Velderet is the story of Kobi and Merin, two roomies on the peaceful world of Bellonia, world where “equality” rules. But they each harbor taboo fantasies of BDSM, and when they world is colonized by … More

  • Like an Iron Fist
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    Like an Iron Fist Katherine Bergeron et al.

    Dystopias are never precisely the opposite of utopias–they are closer to being failed “perfected” societies than evil empires by design. And one of the first orders of business for a fledgling dystopia is to … More

  • Robotica
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    Robotica Kal Cobalt et al.

    Five erotic stories of robot-human relations, exploring the future of humanity, sex, and desire. In Cobalt’s futures, artificial intelligences can have very real emotions, and humans can be just as confused, turned… More

  • Up for Grabs
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    Up for Grabs Lauren Burka et al.

    With stories by Vinnie Tesla, Anya Levin, David D. Levine, Zachary Jernigan, and Ellen Tevault.

    An anthology of erotic stories where gender is up for grabs. Thousands of people spend time on the Internet identified … More

  • Up for Grabs 2
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    Up for Grabs 2 Lauren Burka et al.

    As editor Lauren P. Burka says in her introduction, “All erotica is the story of sex breaking free from biological need to become the co-conspirator of pleasure.” Never is that more apparent than in the sharp-eyed,… More

  • 1901
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    1901 Lionel Bramble et al.

    Aliens! Corsets! Tattoos! Steam! Join the intrepid Lady Cheyenne as she battles Lunar soldiers and Venusian love-warriors in her quest to save the Earth, and Her Majesty’s Empire, from the sinister machinations… More

  • Man’s World
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    Man’s World Angela Caperton

    The battle of the sexes has never been sexier until the new erotic sf novel from Angela Caperton: Man’s World.

    For the wealthy, or the lucky, the universe is a vast and wonderful place. There are planets to visit, luxury… More

  • Women on the Edge of Space
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    Women on the Edge of Space Danielle Bodnar et al.

    Space is a place that is full of mystery. Traveling through outer space is a journey unlike any other, letting go of the usual sense of place and time and opening up to new possibilities. Just as one may never find the edge… More

  • Best Erotic Fantasy
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    Best Erotic Fantasy Bethany Zaiatz et al.

    The editors at Circlet Press present a cherry-picked collection of only the best of erotic fantasy and science fiction. From over 300 entries, they have chosen the top 16, including the stunning winner by Allison Lonsdale… More