• A Stranger in Olondria
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    A Stranger in Olondria Sofia Samatar

    “Sofia Samatar’s debut fantasy A Stranger in Olondria is gloriously vivid and rich.” —Adam Roberts, The Guardian, Best Science Fiction Books of 2013

    World Fantasy, British Fantasy, andMore

  • After the Apocalypse
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    After the Apocalypse Maureen F. McHugh

    The apocalypse was yesterday. These stories are today.

    Publishers Weekly Top 10 Best Books of 2011 Shirley Jackson award winner io9 Best SF&F Books of 2011 Tiptree Award Honor List Philip K. Dick Award finalist … More

  • Bone Swans: Stories
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    Bone Swans: Stories C.S.E. Cooney et al.


    “C. S. E. Cooney is one of the most moving, daring, and plainly beautiful voices to come out of recent fantasy. She’s a powerhouse with … More

  • At the Mouth of the River of Bees
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    At the Mouth of the River of Bees Kij Johnson

    A sparkling debut collection from one of the hottest writers in science fiction: Johnson’s stories have received the Nebula Award the last three years running and all of those stories, including this year’s… More

  • Redemption in Indigo
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    Redemption in Indigo Karen Lord

    9781931520669 · 200 pp

    Carl Brandon Parallax award winner Mythopoeic Award winner. Crawford Award winner. Frank Collymore Award winner. World Fantasy Award finalist. Longlisted for the OCM Bocas Prize for CaribbeanMore

  • Death by Silver
    $8.99 $5.99
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    Death by Silver Melissa Scott

    Lambda Award Winner Gaylactic Spectrum Award winner

    In Death by Silver veteran authors Melissa Scott and Amy Griswold introduce a Victorian London where magic works, influencing every aspect of civilized life, and… More

  • What I Didn’t See and Other Stories
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    What I Didn’t See and Other Stories Karen Joy Fowler

    World Fantasy Award winner

    Read a story now: “Standing Room Only” · “Always

    In her moving and elegant new collection, New York Times bestseller Karen Joy Fowler writes about John Wilkes… More

  • $7.99
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    Cloud & Ashes: Three Winter’s Tales Greer Gilman

    "Sublimely lyrical Jacobeanesque dialect . . . readers who enjoy symbolism and allusion will cherish Gilman's use of diverse folkloric elements to create an unforgettable realm and ideology." —Publishers Weekly
  • The Child Garden
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    The Child Garden Geoff Ryman

    Are you ready for polar bear families in London—who have their own black sheep: after all, what can a polar bear mining family do with a daughter who wants to write operas? And what is London to do with a unique woman who,… More

  • The Mount
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    The Mount Carol Emshwiller

    Philip K. Dick Award Winner "We are all Mounts and so should read this book like an instruction manual that could help save our lives." – Kim Stanley Robinson, author ofThe Years of Rice and Salt
  • Mechanique: A Tale of the Circus Tresaulti
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    Mechanique: A Tale of the Circus Tresaulti Genevieve Valentine

    Come inside and take a seat; the show is about to begin . . .

    Outside any city still standing, the Mechanical Circus Tresaulti sets up its tents. Crowds pack the benches to gawk at the brass-and-copper troupe and their impossible… More

  • $6.99
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    Generation Loss Elizabeth Hand

    Shirley Jackson Award Winner Believer Award Short List
  • After the Fall, Before the Fall, During the Fall
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    After the Fall, Before the Fall, During the Fall Nancy Kress

    Nebula Award winner.

    In the year 2035, all that is left of humanity lives in the Shell.

    No one knows why the Tesslies attacked in 2014, devastated the environment, and nearly destroyed humanity. Or why the aliens imprisoned… More

  • Words Are My Matter
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    Words Are My Matter Ursula K. Le Guin

    Hugo Award winner British Fantasy and Locus award finalist

    The Nation: Ursula K. Le Guin has Stopped Writing Fiction But We Need Her More Than Ever Washington Post: At 86 Ursula K. Le Guin Is Finally Getting the RecognitionMore

  • Errantry: Strange Stories
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    Errantry: Strange Stories Elizabeth Hand

    November 2012 · trade paper · 9781618730305 / ebook · 9781618730312

    “Near Zennor” is a Shirley Jackson Award winner.

    No one is innocent, no one unexamined in Shirley Jackson award-winning author Elizabeth … More

  • A Natural History of Hell
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    A Natural History of Hell Jeffrey Ford

    A book of fantastic stories about the hell on earth that is living.

    World Fantasy Award winner Shirley Jackson Award winner Locus Award finalist

    Read a story on Lithub: A Natural History of Autumn Read an interview on … More