• Hong Kong Rose
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    Hong Kong Rose Xu Xi

    In October of 1987, Rose Kho, Hong Kong girl who left home, returned and has left it again for New York to escape her life, reflects, scotch in hand, as the sun sets on the Statue of Liberty. Meanwhile, the Feds are ransacking… More

  • The Unwalled City
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    The Unwalled City Xu Xi

    Xu Xi, one of Hong Kong’s preeminent novelists, examines the lives of four of the city’s residents amid the tension and uncertainties leading up to the 1997 handover to China.… More

  • Chinese Walls
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    Chinese Walls Xu Xi

    It’s the sixties. US sailors on R&R prowl the streets of the waterfront in Hong Kong where the Indonesian-Chinese Hsu family lives. “What’s a prostitute?” nine-year old Ai-Lin asks her older … More

  • Daughters of Hui
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    Daughters of Hui Xu Xi

    This collection of a novella and three stories was named one of the top ten “best books of Asia” of 1996 and won wide critical acclaim. Reviewers say the author “addresses the prudery of Confucian … More