• Historical Lovecraft
    Formats :

    Historical Lovecraft Silvia Moreno-Garcia et al.

    Vikings. Inquisitors. Kings. Monks. Slaves. Across time, from places as varied as Laos, Greenland, Peru, and Stalin’s Russia, come 26 unique tales of horror, madness, Mythos, and destruction. Tales that reimagine… More

  • Weird Detectives: Recent Investigations
    Formats :

    Weird Detectives: Recent Investigations Paula Guran, ed. et al.

    Paranormal investigators. Occult detectives. Ghost hunters. Monster fighters. Humans who unravel uncanny crimes and solve psychic puzzles; sleuths with supernatural powers of their own who provide services far… More

  • The Alchemy Press Book of Pulp Heroes
    Formats :

    The Alchemy Press Book of Pulp Heroes Mike Chinn et al.

    Stories in the tradition of The Shadow, The Bat, Doc Savage, The Spider; Dashiell Hammett’s Continental Detective Agency; Dusty Ayers & His Battle Birds; Sheena and K-Zar. Hard-boiled detectives, sinister… More

  • Innsmouth Magazine: Issue 11
    Formats :

    Innsmouth Magazine: Issue 11 Silvia Moreno-Garcia et al.

    Issue 11 of Innsmouth Magazine contains stories by William Meikle and many others. A steampunk adventure, a foreboding island and the drowned ballet dance through this issue.… More

  • Fantasy Scroll Magazine Issue #4
    Formats :

    Fantasy Scroll Magazine Issue #4 Cat Rambo et al.

    Fantasy Scroll Magazine is an online, bimonthly publication featuring science fiction, fantasy, horror, and paranormal short-fiction. The magazine’s mission is to publish high-quality, entertaining,… More