• Fantastic Erotica
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    Fantastic Erotica Bethany Zaiatz et al.

    To celebrate the 20th Anniversary of Circlet Press, Fantastic Erotica presents the very best erotic science fiction and fantasy short stories published by Circlet in the past five years. Chosen by popular vote by the… More

  • Ota Discovers Fire
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    Ota Discovers Fire Vinnie Tesla

    The winner of Circlet Press’s 2012 “Fantastic Erotica” award, “Ota Discovers Fire” is a cliché-busting fantasy tale of magic, kinky sex, and witty dialogue. The story follows Ota, a novice fire… More

  • Up for Grabs
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    Up for Grabs Lauren Burka et al.

    With stories by Vinnie Tesla, Anya Levin, David D. Levine, Zachary Jernigan, and Ellen Tevault.

    An anthology of erotic stories where gender is up for grabs. Thousands of people spend time on the Internet identified … More

  • The Erotofluidic Age
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    The Erotofluidic Age Vinnie Tesla

    In The Erotofluidic Age, Vinnie Tesla returns to the world of The Ontological Engine, adding two more works to his oeuvre. This new digital volume combines two short stories and a novella revolving around the same characters… More