• Through It Came Bright Colors
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    Through It Came Bright Colors Trebor Healey

    Through It Came Bright Colors is the story of Neill Cullane, a closeted, conflicted 21-year-old who lives in two worlds, light years and a short drive of his beat-up VW bug apart. At home, he’s the dutiful son of … More

  • Faun
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    Faun Trebor Healey

    One morning Gilberto Rubio wakes up with a five o’clock shadow. Puberty. But why are his legs getting so furry? And what are these little horn nubs pushing out of his scalp? What’s that nub of a tail that’s… More

  • Best Gay Stories 2014
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    Best Gay Stories 2014 Steve Bermans et al.

    New York City. Moscow. Guanajuato. Pelion. A nameless suburb that could be found down any street. Trysts, old flames, pulptales. Gay men are neither confined by locale nor are their stories. The 2014 volume of Best Gay… More

  • Eros and Dust: Stories
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    Eros and Dust: Stories Trebor Healey

    Winner of the Ferro-Grumley Award–twice!–author Trebor Healey’s work thoroughly captures the poignant and erotic life of gay men. In Eros & Dust, his newest short story collection, Healey… More