• Secret Matter
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    Secret Matter Toby Johnson

    The winner of a Lambda Literary Award for Gay Men’s Science Fiction and bestselling novel, Secret Matter returns to print in a revised edition for the 21st century. With an afterword by gay theologian, social … More

  • Charmed Lives: Gay Spirit in Storytelling
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    Charmed Lives: Gay Spirit in Storytelling Toby Johnson et al.

    Storytelling can be a way of spinning straw into gold, of showing ourselves we have drawn a long straw in this life. Charmed Lives offers readers a collection of fiction and personal essays as an alternative to the stories… More

  • Gay Perspective
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    Gay Perspective Toby Johnson

    In this companion volume to his critically acclaimed, Lambda Literary Award-winning title Gay Spirituality, Toby Johnson further explicates his visionary stance that gay people’s nature as outsiders gives… More

  • Gay Spirituality
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    Gay Spirituality Toby Johnson

    Gay Spirituality: Gay Identity and the Transformation of Consciousness offers a sensible, modern and enlightened understanding of spiritual consciousness for gay men who are so often faced with misunderstanding… More