• The Year’s Best Dark Fantasy and Horror: 2013
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    The Year’s Best Dark Fantasy and Horror: 2013 Paula Guran et al.

    The darkness creeps upon us and we shudder, or it suddenly startles and we scream. There need be no monsters for us to be terrified in the dark, but if there are, they are just as often human and as supernatural. Join us in … More

  • Hauntings
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    Hauntings Ellen Datlow et al.

    This fiendish anthology, complied by the horror genre’s most acclaimed editor, drags you into the twisted minds of modern literary masters at their fiendish best. Visionary storytellers fill this collection… More

  • The Monstrous
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    The Monstrous Ellen Datlow et al.

    From the best horror editor in the business comes a landmark horror anthology. Take a terrifying journey with literary masters of suspense, visiting a place where the other is somehow one of us. These electrifying tales… More

  • Darkness
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    Darkness Ellen Datlow et al.

    This sophisticated, scary anthology collects the best horror fiction published during 1984 and 2005, one of horror’s most prolific eras. These exceptionally diverse stories, hand-picked by horror expert… More