• The Year’s Best Dark Fantasy and Horror 2014
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    The Year’s Best Dark Fantasy and Horror 2014 Paula Guran et al.

    No matter your expectations, the dark is full of the unknown: grim futures, distorted pasts, invasions of the uncanny, paranormal fancies, weird dreams, unnerving nightmares, baffling enigmas, revelatory excursions,… More

  • New Cthulhu: The Recent Weird
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    New Cthulhu: The Recent Weird Paula Guran et al.

    For more than eighty years H.P. Lovecraft has inspired writers of supernatural fiction, artists, musicians, filmmakers, and gaming. His themes of cosmic indifference, the utter insignificance of humankind, minds… More

  • Ghosts: Recent Hauntings
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    Ghosts: Recent Hauntings Paula Guran et al.

    The spirits of the dead have walked among our legends, myths, and stories since before recorded history. Ghostly visitations, hauntings, unquiet souls seeking the living, vengeful wraiths, the possibility of life… More

  • The Dark – Issue 14
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    The Dark – Issue 14 Sean Wallace et al.

    Each month The Dark brings you the best in dark fantasy and horror! Edited by award winning editor Sean Wallace and brought to you by Prime Books, this issue includes two all-new stories and two reprints:

    “Postcards from… More

  • Weird Horror Magazine 1
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    Weird Horror Magazine 1 Michael Kelly et al.

    Welcome to the new pulp! Weird Horror magazine is a new venue for fiction, articles, reviews, and commentary. We expect to publish twice-yearly. Long live the new pulp!

    FICTION: Shikhar Dixit; Steve Duffy; Inna Effress;… More