• NoFood
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    NoFood Sarah Tolmie

    Food is the language of love in a near-future world of plague, smog, and alienation. Hardwicke Arar, a relentless perfectionist, is the chef at NoFood, the most famous restaurant in the world. He serves imaginary food… More

  • Two Travelers
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    Two Travelers Sarah Tolmie

    In “Dancer on the Stairs,” a woman wakes up on a stone staircase in a baroque palace, not speaking the language of the place and lacking the chemical signature that allows people to identify each other within… More

  • The Stone Boatmen
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    The Stone Boatmen Sarah Tolmie

    Tolmie tells a tale of three cities, separated by oceans, lost to one another long ago: the first, the city of rituals, of ceremonies; the second, the city of words, of poetry; and the third, the city of the golden birds,… More

  • On Spec Magazine #107 Vol 28 No 4
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    On Spec Magazine #107 Vol 28 No 4 Diane L. Walton et al.

    Volume 28 No 4 issue of On Spec Magazine.

    This issue features short stories by Hayden Trenholm (“When Winter Comes”), Chelsea Vowel (“Dirty Wings”), Susan Forest (“The Fat Man”),… More