• Interzone #249
    Formats :

    Interzone #249 Andy Cox et al.

    New science fiction and fantasy stories by John Shirley, Lavie Tidhar, Claire Humphrey, Tim Lees, Jason Sanford, Sarah Brooks. Cover art by Jim Burns, interior illustrations by Wayne Haag, Richard Wagner, Martin … More

  • Shimmer Magazine – Issue 17
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    Shimmer Magazine – Issue 17 Tobler E. Catherine et al.

    Issue 17 is the issue when Shimmer Magazine began paying pro rates, and we wanted to make it exceptional. We selected 17 stories that went further: more emotional intensity, more challenges, more complexity, more heart.… More

  • Shimmer Magazine – Issue 30
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    Shimmer Magazine – Issue 30 E. Catherine Tobler et al.

    Ruby slippers.
Yellow brick road.
Emerald City.
Green witch.
Blue flying monkeys.

    The streaming green Matrix.
The ignition of a blue lightsaber.
The scarlet glow of an angry AI.
The rainbow … More