• Mithila Review – Issue 7
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    Mithila Review – Issue 7 Salik Shah et al.

    Mithila Review’s first quarterly issue for 2017 features excellent speculative poetry and fiction, essays, interviews and roundtable discussions on the state of speculative fiction in Latin America, Czech… More

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    Mithila Review – Issue 9
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    Mithila Review Yearly Subscription Salik Shah

    About Mithila Review

    Mithila Review is a speculative arts and culture magazine founded in 2015. We publish speculative poetry, fantasy and science fiction, film and book reviews, essays and interviews from across… More

  • Mithila Review – Issue 8
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    Mithila Review – Issue 8 Arkady Martine et al.

    Mithila Review is an international science fiction and fantasy magazine founded in 2015. We publish literary speculative fiction, poetry, essays, interviews, articles, art, etc. from around the world.

    Our April… More