• Death of a Unicorn
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    Death of a Unicorn Peter Dickinson

    ...and duty, and above all, love. Death of a Unicorn is the first in a series of reprints of Peter Dickinson’s mysteries from Small Beer Press. This classic British mystery will win...
  • Earth and Air
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    Earth and Air Peter Dickinson

    In this collection, you will find stories that range from the mythic to contemporary fantasy to science fiction. You will find a troll, gryphons, a beloved dog, the Land of the Dead, an owl, a minotaur, and a very alien … More

  • The Poison Oracle
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    The Poison Oracle Peter Dickinson

    “I think Peter Dickinson is hands down the best stylist as a writer and the most interesting storyteller in my genre.” —Sara Paretsky, author of Breakdown

    “Small Beer Press, a small publishing company in … More

  • Emma Tupper’s Diary
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    Emma Tupper’s Diary Peter Dickinson

    Emma is spending the summer with her Scottish cousins—who are wonderful material for her attempt to win the School Prize for most interesting holiday diary. The cousins, lofty And...
  • A Summer in the Twenties
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    A Summer in the Twenties Peter Dickinson

    A young man has to choose who to love, who to leave in the 1926 General Strike in Britain.

    In 1926 the British government was worried about revolution. Two million people are about to go on strike and class warfare is about… More

  • The Seventh Raven
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    The Seventh Raven Dickinson Peter

    Too old to take part in the annual children’s opera, seventeen-year-old Doll Jacobs makes a place for herself as a junior member of the “opera mafia” who run the show. There are always exactly one … More