• Consequences of the Heart
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    Consequences of the Heart Peter Cunningham

    D-Day on a Normandy beach. A flip of a coin seals the destinies of two men in love and war. From one of Ireland’s finest writers, Consequences of the Heart is an epic story of passion and fate, of cowardice and bravery,… More

  • Tapes of the River Delta
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    Tapes of the River Delta Peter Cunningham

    Theo Shortcourse has always been overshadowed by his charismatic nephew, Bain Cross, ?who is three years older and the favorite of Theo?’?s beautiful, manipulative mother, ?Sparrow?.? Now the corrupt Bain… More

  • Love in One Edition
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    Love in One Edition Peter Cunningham

    When Jasmine joins the staff of the Monument Gazette, she finds herself falling in love with Kaiser, a man whose childhood is shrouded in mystery. She resolves to learn the truth about his origins. But as she delves into… More

  • The Sea and the Silence
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    The Sea and the Silence Peter Cunningham

    Ireland 1945. Young and beautiful, Iz begins a life on the south-east coast with her new husband. As she settles in to try and make her life by the sea, circumstances that have brought Iz to Monument are shrouded in mystery.… More