• Lightspeed: Year One
    Formats :

    Lightspeed: Year One John Joseph Adams et al.

    Lightspeed is the critically acclaimed, online science fiction magazine edited by bestselling anthologist John Joseph Adams.

    Each month at lightspeedmagazine.com, top authors and brilliant new voices alike span… More

  • Season of Wonder
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    Season of Wonder Paula Guran et al.

    Wonders abound with the winter holidays. Yuletide brings marvels and miracles both fantastic and futuristic. Christmas spirits can bring haunting holidays, seasonal songs might be sung by unearthly choirs, and … More

  • Lightspeed Magazine Issue 30
    Formats :

    Lightspeed Magazine Issue 30 John Joseph Adams et al.

    Lightspeed is an online science fiction and fantasy magazine. In its pages, you will find science fiction: from near-future, sociological soft SF, to far-future, star-spanning hard SF–and fantasy: from epic… More

  • Epic: Legends of Fantasy
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    Epic: Legends of Fantasy John Joseph Adams et al.

    There is a sickness in the land. Prophets tell of the fall of empires, the rise of champions. Great beasts stir in vaults beneath the hills, beneath the waves. Armies mass. Gods walk. The world will be torn asunder. Epic… More

  • Bull Spec #4
    Formats :

    Bull Spec #4 Samuel Montgomery-Blinn et al.

    Issue 4 (“Winter 2010-11”) issue of Bull Spec, a quarterly magazine of speculative fiction.

    This issue features fiction by Andrew Magowan (“Freedom Acres”), David Tallerman (“The… More

  • Fantasy Magazine #50
    Formats :

    Fantasy Magazine #50 John Joseph Adams

    From modern mythcraft to magic realism, Fantasy Magazine is your guide to magical realms and worlds beyond tomorrow:

    In “Study, For Solo Piano,” Genevieve Valentine shines the spotlight on what it means to yearn… More

  • Future Games
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    Future Games Paula Guran et al.

    Human competition is eternal. No matter what the future brings, sports will be a part of it. But what forms will these games take? Who will be the spectator, who will play? Will aliens be our opponents or machines? What … More

  • Galaxy’s Edge Magazine: Issue 30, January 2018
    Formats :

    Galaxy’s Edge Magazine: Issue 30, January 2018 Mike Resnick et al.

    A Magazine of Science Fiction and Fantasy

    ISSUE 30: January 2018

    Mike Resnick, Editor Taylor Morris, Copyeditor Shahid Mahmud, Publisher

    Stories: Nick DiChario, Laurie Tom, Joe Haldeman, David Afsharirad, George… More