• Serpent’s Tooth
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    Serpent’s Tooth Michael R. Collings

    A young man, relatively new to Fox Creek and living with his elderly grandmother, is discovered dead in his bed after having been severely beaten. Unfortunately, the first person to see the body is Carver Ellis; and the… More

  • Shadow Valley
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    Shadow Valley Michael R. Collings

    Shadow Valley is an isolated farming community known to few, but in one of its ramshackle farmhouses dwells a power that threatens death and destruction to any who walk within its walls. Now, Lila Ellis arrives to make… More

  • Milton’s Century
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    Milton’s Century Michael R. Collings

    No artist creates his works in a vacuum. Beyond the conscious influence of books read, artwork seen, minds probed (through conversation or exchange of letters), writers are in no small part products of everything that… More

  • The Art and Craft of Poetry
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    The Art and Craft of Poetry Michael R. Collings

    Polished over 20 years of use at the university level, this book combines Professor Collings’s lucid instruction with practical exercises to introduce beginners to poetry, and to encourage more practiced … More