• A Trifle Dead
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    A Trifle Dead Livia Day

    Cafe La Femme, Book 1

    Tabitha Darling has always had a dab hand for pastry and a knack for getting into trouble. Which was fine when she was a tearaway teen, but not so useful now she’s trying to run a hipster urban cafe, invent… More

  • The Blackmail Blend
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    The Blackmail Blend Livia Day

    Six romance writers Five secrets Four poison pen letters Three stolen manuscripts Two undercover journalists One over-complicated love life Way too many teacups and tiny sandwiches Cake, not murder. Cake hardly … More

  • Drowned Vanilla
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    Drowned Vanilla Livia Day

    It’s the beginning of a hot, hot summer in Hobart. Tabitha Darling is in love with the wrong man, and determined to perfect the art of ice cream. Playing amateur detective again is definitely not on the cards—not even when… More