• The Man Who Loved Mars
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    The Man Who Loved Mars Lin Carter

    Once it had been king city of a mighty empire and the center of the ancient faith; Gateway to the Gods, the old epics name it. Now it was dead, empty, deserted, only a dim ghost of its vanished splendor. Such was Ilionis, the… More

  • The Zanthodon MEGAPACK ™
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    The Zanthodon MEGAPACK ™ Lin Carter

    Beneath the trackless sands and shifting wastelands of the Sahara lies a world unknown to modern man: the underground world of Zanthodon. In its vast unmapped terrain are great jungles, strange seas, and forbidding… More

  • Young Thongor
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    Young Thongor Lin Carter et al.

    Lin Carter’s greatest creation, the barbarian swordsman Thongor of Lemuria, returns in his first new book in more than 40 years! “Young Thongor” collects Carter’s short stories about Thongor’s… More

  • Lost World of Time
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    Lost World of Time Lin Carter

    Destined to fulfill an ancient prophecy, the warrior Sargon strode through the gates of Chalsadon — the last refuge of a once-proud empire. Everywhere about him, corruption and pestilence racked the dying city.… More

  • The Quest of Kadji
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    The Quest of Kadji Lin Carter

    Zarouk, aging warrior and grandfather to young Kadji, implored the boy to dethrone Prince Yakthodah, vile impostor-heir to the throne of the Dragon Emperor. On Haral, his faithful, black Feridoon pony, and with beautiful,… More

  • The Lost World MEGAPACK ™
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    The Lost World MEGAPACK ™ H. Rider Haggard et al.

    The Lost World MEGAPACK™ explores strange lands and peoples lost from the rest of civilization — strange continents, hidden valleys, microscopic worlds, and underground kingdoms are just the tip of the iceberg!… More