• Shimmer Magazine – Issue 17
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    Shimmer Magazine – Issue 17 Tobler E. Catherine et al.

    Issue 17 is the issue when Shimmer Magazine began paying pro rates, and we wanted to make it exceptional. We selected 17 stories that went further: more emotional intensity, more challenges, more complexity, more heart.… More

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    BLACK STATIC #42 Andy Cox et al.

    The September–October issue has new horror and dark fantasy fiction by Sara Saab, Alyssa Wong, Noah Wareness, Matthew Cheney, David D. Levine, Kristi DeMeester, Stephen Hargadon. The cover art is by Dave Senecal,… More

  • The Dark Issue 11
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    The Dark Issue 11 Jack Fisher et al.

    The Dark is a quarterly magazine co-edited by Jack Fisher and Sean Wallace, with the eleventh issue featuring all-original short fiction by Michael Wehunt, Amber van Dyk, Gregory Norman Bassert, and Kristi DeMeester.… More

  • Apex Magazine Issue 89
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    Apex Magazine Issue 89 Jason Sizemore et al.

    Apex Magazine is a monthly science fiction, fantasy, and horror magazine featuring original, mind-bending short fiction from many of the top pros of the field. New issues are released on the first Tuesday of every month.… More

  • Shimmer Magazine 28
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    Shimmer Magazine 28 E. Catherine Tobler et al.

    Growing up, two things weave their way in and out of our lives: loss and discovery. Sometimes, a loss can be a discovery, and sometimes a discovery is also a loss.

    The stories in Shimmer #28 take you on four such journeys … More

  • Eternal Frankenstein
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    Eternal Frankenstein Ross E. Lockhart et al.

    Two hundred years ago, a young woman staying in a chalet in Switzerland, after an evening of ghost stories shared with friends and lovers, had a frightening dream. That dream became the seed that inspired Mary Shelley… More

  • Beneath
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    Beneath Kristi DeMeester

    When reporter Cora Mayburn is assigned to cover a story about a snake-handling cult in rural Appalachia, she is dismayed, for the world of cruel fundamentalist stricture, repression, glossolalia, and abuse is something… More