• Fantasy Magazine Issue 57
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    Fantasy Magazine Issue 57 John Joseph Adams

    From modern mythcraft to magic realism, Fantasy Magazine is your guide to magical realms and worlds beyond tomorrow:

    Our lead story this month is from new author Nike Sulway, who captures the soul-changing powers… More

  • The Best of Joe R. Lansdale
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    The Best of Joe R. Lansdale Joe Lansdale

    Godzilla’s in a twelve-step program. A soul-sucking Mummy stalks Elvis and John F. Kennedy. Joe Bob Briggs has a moral dilemma: If your girlfriend turns zombie on you, what do you do? And that’s the tame … More

  • Flaming Zeppelins
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    Flaming Zeppelins Joe Lansdale

    Join the disembodied head of Buffalo Bill Cody, Annie Oakley, Frankenstein (a.k.a. The Creature), the Tin Man, Captain Nemo, Mark Twain, Jules Verne and the inestimable Ned the Seal as they embark upon a spectacular… More

  • Zombies: The Recent Dead
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    Zombies: The Recent Dead Paula Guran

    You can’t kill the dead! Like any good monster, the zombie has proven to be ever-evolving, monumentally mutable, and open to seemingly endless imaginative interpretations: the thralls of voodoo sorcerers,… More