• The Big Click Issue 22
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    The Big Click Issue 22 Jeremiah Tolbert et al.

    Welcome to the September issue of The Big Click. As usual, you’ll find cutting-edge short-form crime fiction, and reviews of the hottest longer crime releases, as well as the wisdom of Barry Graham’s column.… More

  • Snitch World
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    Snitch World Jim Nisbet

    “The Miata jumped the curb and sheared off a light pole. The impact deployed the airbags, but Chainbang was ready. He knifed Klinger’s before it was fully inflated and his own before it could crush the glass pipe in… More

  • A Moment of Doubt
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    A Moment of Doubt Jim Nisbet

    Jim Nisbet’s hilarious, thrilling and obscene novella, ripped straight from the zeitgeist of San Francisco in the ’80s.

    A Moment of Doubt is at turns hilarious, thrilling and obscene. Jim Nisbet’s … More