• Electric Velocipede issue 26
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    Electric Velocipede issue 26 John Klima et al.

    The 26th installment of Electric Velocipede features a stunning cover from Brazilian artist Carlos Araujo. This striking piece sets the tone for the wondrous tales you’ll find within. What will you find? Well… More

  • Heiresses of Russ 2013: The Year’s Best Lesbian Speculative Fiction
    $6.99 $3.99
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    Heiresses of Russ 2013: The Year’s Best Lesbian Speculative Fiction Tenea D. Johnson et al.

    The 2013 edition of the annual series showcasing the best tales of lesbian-themes fantasy, science-fiction, and the weird, includes such acclaimed authors as Jewelle Gomez, Nisi Shawl, Carrie Vaughn, and Brit Mandelo.… More

  • Space and Time Magazine Issue #126
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    Space and Time Magazine Issue #126 Hildy Silverman et al.

    The Fall 2016 issue of Space and Time Magazine.

    This issue features fiction by John Walters (“Heroes”) and Jamie Killen (“Captain’s Children”), an interview with Danielle Ackley-McPhail,… More

  • Mythic Delirium 1.1
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    Mythic Delirium 1.1 Margo Lanagan et al.

    MYTHIC DELIRIUM, the quarterly digital magazine of poetry and weird fiction, begins its second year with a plunge into treacherous waters. Jamie Killen and Virginia M. Mohlere share tales of grim prices paid to stave… More

  • Mythic Delirium: Volume Two
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    Mythic Delirium: Volume Two Mike and Anita Allen et al.

    “Rich word choices and settings that blend speculative concepts with quotidian reality highlight this stellar anthology of prose and poetry.” Publishers Weekly

    “One of those rare long-term survivors More