• Interzone #264
    Formats :

    Interzone #264 Andy Cox et al.

    The May–June issue of Britain’s longest running science fiction and fantasy magazine contains new novelettes and stories by Tyler Keevil, Malcolm Devlin, James Van Pelt, Rich Larson, and Gwendolyn Kiste.… More

  • Mithila Review – Issue 7
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    Mithila Review – Issue 7 Salik Shah et al.

    Mithila Review’s first quarterly issue for 2017 features excellent speculative poetry and fiction, essays, interviews and roundtable discussions on the state of speculative fiction in Latin America, Czech… More

  • Shimmer Magazine – Issue 30
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    Shimmer Magazine – Issue 30 E. Catherine Tobler et al.

    Ruby slippers.
Yellow brick road.
Emerald City.
Green witch.
Blue flying monkeys.

    The streaming green Matrix.
The ignition of a blue lightsaber.
The scarlet glow of an angry AI.
The rainbow … More

  • Flash Fiction Online Issue #24 September 2015
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    Flash Fiction Online Issue #24 September 2015 Suzanne Vincent et al.

    The September 2015 issue of Flash Fiction Online.

    ”Ships and Stars and Childhood Things” by Gwendolyn Kiste. A lovely science fiction story of time and love and life passing by. “Pidgin” by Katrina S. Forest.… More

  • Nightmare Magazine Issue 36 (September 2015)
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    Nightmare Magazine Issue 36 (September 2015) John Joseph Adams et al.

    NIGHTMARE is an online horror and dark fantasy magazine. In NIGHTMARE’s pages, you will find all kinds of horror fiction, from zombie stories and haunted house tales, to visceral psychological horror.

    This … More