• Bibliotheca Fantastica
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    Bibliotheca Fantastica Don Pizarro (editor) et al.

    Stories within stories… twenty new fabulous tales of bibliophilic wonder, enchantment, terror, romance, mystery, and adventure. Edited by Don Pizarro; cover by Hugo award-winning artist Galen Dara.

    From… More

  • The Sculptor
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    The Sculptor Garry Kilworth

    An artist pays tribute to a cruel and powerful leader. Cunning and elegant short fiction from an author whose “Sumi Dreams of a Paper Frog” was described by JG Ballard as “The best short story I have… More

  • Memories of the Flying Ball Bike Shop
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    Memories of the Flying Ball Bike Shop Garry Kilworth

    Understand the one you hate. What did the old Chinese man smoke? He smoked his enemy, and when he had smoked the hated man he would know him. “The best short story writer in any genre” (New Scientist).… More

  • The Cutting Room: Dark Reflections of the Silver Screen
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    The Cutting Room: Dark Reflections of the Silver Screen Datlow Ellen et al.

    The credits have rolled, but the lights are still off. Something is lurking on the other side of the screen. There are dark secrets, starving monsters, and haunted survivors who refuse to be left on the cutting room floor.… More

  • infinity plus: quintet
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    infinity plus: quintet Keith Brooke et al.

    Five stories from top writers of speculative fiction: science fiction, fantasy and the downright strange, stories from the heart, stories to make you think and wonder.

    The stories in this volume are:

    "Filming… More

  • The Fabulous Beast
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    The Fabulous Beast Garry Kilworth

    A set of beautifully crafted tales of the imagination by a writer who was smitten by the magic of the speculative short story at the age of twelve and has remained under its spell ever since.

    These few stories cover three… More