• Uncanny Magazine Issue 3
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    Uncanny Magazine Issue 3 Lynne M. Thomas et al.

    The March/April 2015 issue of Uncanny Magazine.

    Featuring new fiction by Sofia Samatar, Rosamund Hodge, Kat Howard, Maria Dahvana Headley, Sarah Pinsker, Emily Devenport, and Fran Wilde, classic fiction by Ellen… More

  • The Year’s Best Dark Fantasy and Horror: 2013
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    The Year’s Best Dark Fantasy and Horror: 2013 Paula Guran et al.

    The darkness creeps upon us and we shudder, or it suddenly startles and we scream. There need be no monsters for us to be terrified in the dark, but if there are, they are just as often human and as supernatural. Join us in … More

  • Witches
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    Witches Paula Guran et al.

    A bewitching brew of stories sure to enchant.

    Surrounded by the aura of magic, witches have captured our imaginations for millennia and fascinate us now more than ever. No longer confined to the image of a hexing old crone,… More

  • Street Magicks
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    Street Magicks Paula Guran et al.

    Streets are more than thoroughfares: they are sources of knowledge, points of connection, routes to hidden levels. In worlds where magic is real, streets can be full of dangerous shadows or paths to salvation. Wizards… More

  • In the House of the Seven Librarians
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    In the House of the Seven Librarians Ellen Klages

    When an old Carnegie library is closed, its seven librarians refuse to abandon their home. They lock the doors, and the forest grows around them like a cloak, sheltering them from the rest of the world. But their lives … More