• Bull Spec #7
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    Bull Spec #7 Samuel Montgomery-Blinn et al.

    Bull Spec #7 (Spring 2012) includes:

    New speculative fiction from D.K. Thompson, Jason Erik Lundberg, Jason K. Chapman, Natania Barron, Stephanie Ricker, and (flash) J. P. Trostle.

    New speculative poetry from Alexandra… More

  • The Choir Boats: Volume One of Longing for Yount
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    The Choir Boats: Volume One of Longing for Yount Daniel A. Rabuzzi

    London, 1812 | Yount, Year of the Owl

    What would you give to make good on the sins of your past? For merchant Barnabas McDoon, the answer is: everything.

    When emissaries from a world called Yount offer Barnabas a chance … More

  • The Indigo Pheasant
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    The Indigo Pheasant Daniel A. Rabuzzi

    London 1817. Maggie Collins, born into slavery in Maryland, whose mathematical genius and strength of mind can match those of a goddess, must build the world’s most powerful and sophisticated machine –… More

  • Sybil’s Garage No. 6
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    Sybil’s Garage No. 6 Matthew Kressel, editor et al.

    Let’s all get on the G train and take a ride into speculative land. Descartes had it right. Cogito ergo Sybil. When you lie awake dreaming at night, do you know that Sybil lies awake and dreams about you? Here’s what … More