• Reckoning 1
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    Reckoning 1 Michael J. DeLuca et al.

    Reckoning: an imperfect means of navigation by which one determines where they’re going using only where they’ve been.

    Reckoning: a settling of scores; justice.

    Environmental justice: the notion that the people… More

  • Uncanny Magazine Issue 17
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    Uncanny Magazine Issue 17 Lynne M. Thomas et al.

    The July/August 2017 issue of Hugo Award-winning Uncanny Magazine.

    Featuring new fiction by Seanan McGuire, Kat Howard, Maurice Broaddus, Mary Robinette Kowal, Cassandra Khaw, and T. Kingfisher, reprinted fiction… More

  • Flash Fiction Online Issue #34 July 2016
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    Flash Fiction Online Issue #34 July 2016 Suzanne Vincent et al.

    The July 2016 issue of Flash Fiction Online.

    AS WOMEN, maternal instinct runs deep in some of us. I say some of us because, like any human trait, its presence or absence can vary to a great degree. I suppose it could be said… More

  • Luna Station Quarterly – Issue 16
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    Luna Station Quarterly – Issue 16 Jennifer Lyn Parsons et al.

    The sixteenth issue of Luna Station Quarterly, featuring a collection of unique stories by up and coming women writers.

    Closing out year number four is a stellar collection of stories by Penny Stirling, Lauren Kocher,… More