• Reckoning 3
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    Reckoning 3 Michael J. DeLuca et al.

    Navigating by heartstrings through fire and flood in pursuit of a future.

    “A project that is timely, necessary, and at times even hopeful. Highly recommended to all who are interested in the future of genre fiction as… More

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    Reckoning 6
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    Reckoning Subscription Michael J. DeLuca et al.

    Reckoning: an imperfect means of navigation by which one determines where they’re going using only where they’ve been. Reckoning: a settling of scores; justice. Environmental justice: the notion that the people … More

  • Reckoning 4
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    Reckoning 4 Michael J. DeLuca et al.

    Our future isn’t dried up yet, but its shape is not like you imagine.

    Reckoning 4, guest-edited by Arkady Martine and Danika Dinsmore, focuses on the challenges of urban environments.

    Featuring poetry, essays, fiction… More

  • Reckoning 5
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    Reckoning 5 Michael J. DeLuca et al.

    Tending tiny miracles until they split the pavement.

    The present is clay, sitting cool and wet in the palm of your hand. Squash it, twist it, mold it. Shape it into something beautiful.

    Reckoning 5, edited by Leah Bobet… More

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    INTERZONE #290-#291 (DOUBLE ISSUE) Andy Cox et al.

    This double issue is packed full of modern science fiction and fantasy: New long and short stories by Alexander Glass, Tim Major, Lyle Hopwood, Daniel Bennett, Cécile Cristofari, Matt Thompson, John Possidente, Lavie… More

  • Lackington’s Issue 24 (Fall 2021)
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    Lackington’s Issue 24 (Fall 2021) Ranylt Richildis et al.

    Plants and speculative fiction have always gone hand in hand. From healers to invasive species to the literal grotesque, botanical beings in fiction refuse to be ignored. We’ve dedicated Issue 24 to our fabulous and… More

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    INTERZONE #292-#293 DOUBLE ISSUE Andy Cox et al.

    Special double issue packed full of modern science fiction and fantasy. Illustrated fiction by Rich Larson, Alexander Glass, Cécile Cristofari, Tamika Thompson, Val Nolan, Jeff Noon, Charles Wilkinson, Justen … More