• Shades of Blue and Gray: Ghosts of the Civil War
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    Shades of Blue and Gray: Ghosts of the Civil War Steve Berman et al.

    More Americans were killed during the years of the Civil War (1861-1865) than any other date in history. Men shattered, women lost, families broken. In Shades of Blue & Gray, editor Steve Berman offers readers… More

  • Handsome Devil
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    Handsome Devil Steve Berman (Editor) et al.

    For millennia, male infernal figures have been portrayed as both dazzling tempters and dark seducers. The alluring fantasy of Handsome Devil highlights Lucifer’s role as the beautiful trickster who steals… More

  • Black Static #51
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    Black Static #51 Andy Cox et al.

    The March–April issue contains new novelettes and short stories by Mark Morris, Stephen Graham Jones, Gary McMahon, Caren Gussoff, Norman Prentiss, and Stephen Hargadon. The cover art is by Martin Hanford, and … More

  • Three Songs for Roxy
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    Three Songs for Roxy Caren Gussoff

    Three Songs for Roxy tells three inter-related tales: of Kizzy, a foundling raised by a Romany Gypsy family in present-day Seattle, as she is about to be claimed by the aliens who left her to be raised as human; of Scott … More