• Mark of the Beast
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    Mark of the Beast Brian Ball

    Something goes drastically wrong at a séance, and suddenly Alan’s wife Janice experiences a major personality change. These are signs that her husband just can’t ignore: the strange new mark on her hand,… More

  • The Venemous Serpent
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    The Venemous Serpent Brian Ball

    The commemorative brass plate in the abandoned Derbyshire village church showed Sir Humphrey and Lady Sybil de Latours standing together. At the side of the man is a lion, and beside Sybil a fanged dog.

    Strangely, the… More

  • Malice of the Soul
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    Malice of the Soul Brian Ball

    When elderly Mrs. Peters appears to suffer a stroke at her Nursing Home, only Diana Knightson realizes the truth. Her young colleague Marguerite Friend deliberately terrified the old woman! For the beautiful girl … More