• Reckoning 1
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    Reckoning 1 Michael J. DeLuca et al.

    Reckoning: an imperfect means of navigation by which one determines where they’re going using only where they’ve been.

    Reckoning: a settling of scores; justice.

    Environmental justice: the notion that the people … More

  • Apex Magazine Issue 111
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    Apex Magazine Issue 111 Sheree Renée Thomas et al.

    Apex Magazine is a monthly science fiction, fantasy, and horror magazine featuring original, mind-bending short fiction from many of the top pros of the field. New issues are released on the first Tuesday of every month.… More

  • Uncanny Magazine Issue 31
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    Uncanny Magazine Issue 31 Lynne M. Thomas et al.

    The November/December issue of Hugo Award-winning Uncanny Magazine.

    Featuring new fiction by Elizabeth Bear, D.A. Xiaolin Spires, Vina Jie-Min Prasad, Laura Anne Gilman, and Jenn Reese. Essays by G. Willow Wilson,… More