Bewere the Night

Kitsune. Werewolves. Crane wives. Selkies. Every culture has stories of such strange creatures—animals turning into humans, humans shapeshifting into animals. Sometimes seductive, sometimes bloodthirsty, but always unpredictable like nature itself, these beings are manifestations of our secret hearts, our desire to belong to both worlds: one tame and civilized, the other unfettered and full of wild impulse. Here are stories that will make you wish you could howl at the moon until your heart bursts with longing or feel yourself shedding your human body as easily as a snake sheds its skin. Be-were the night . . . it might not kill you, but it will certainly steal you away!

Table of contents

“The Thief of Precious Things” A.C. Wise

“The Poison Eaters” Holly Black

“Go Home Stranger” Justin Howe

“The Heavy” Cherie Priest

“Tusk and Skin” Marissa Lingen

“A Song to the Moon” Richard Bowes

“In the Seeonee Hills” Erica Hildebrand

“The Sinews of His Heart” Melissa Yuan-Innes

“(Nothing but) Flowers” Nick Mamatas

“The Coldest Game” Maria V. Snyder

“Red on Red” Jen White

“Extra Credit” Seth Cadin

“Thirst” Vandana Singh

“Grotesque Angels” Gwendolyn Clare

“Blue Joe” Stephanie Burgis

“The Werewizard of Oz” Lavie Tidhar

“Seven Year Itch” Leah Cutter

“An Unnatural History of Scarecrows” Mario Milosevic

“The Gaze Dogs of Nine Waterfall” Kaaron Warren

“Snow on Sugar Mountain” Elizabeth Hand

“The Aphotic Ghost” Carlos Hernandez

“The Fowler’s Daughter” Michelle Muenzler

“Moonlight and Bleach” Sandra MacDonald

“She Drives the Men to Crimes of Passion!” Genevieve Valentine

“Coyotaje” Marie Brennan

“Swear Not by the Moon” Renee Carter Hall

“Infested” Nadia Bulkin

“Watchmen” Aaron Sterns

“And Neither Have I Wings to Fly” Carrie Laben

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