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Collected Essays on H.P. Lovecraft and Others

George T. Wetzel (Author)

This volume collects 8 pioneering essays (and a humorous epistolary exchange) by the late H.P. Lovecraft scholar, George T. Wetzel. This is the largest single volume of Wetzel’s nonfiction ever published. Included are:

“Biographic Notes on Lovecraft” (from HPL, 1971)

“The Mechanistic Supernatural of Lovecraft” (from Fresco, 1958)

“The Cthulhu Mythos: A Study” (from HPL: Memoirs, Critiques and Bibliographies, 1971)

“A Lovecraft Profile” (from Nyctalops #8, April 1973)

“The Pseudonymous Lovecraft” (from The Lovecraft Scholar, 1983)

“Lovecraft’s Literary Executor” (from The Lovecraft Scholar, 1983)

“Copyright Problems of the Lovecraft Literary Estate (from The Lovecraft Scholar, 1983)

“A Memoir of Jack Grill” (from Huitloxopetl, 1972)

“Letters of George Wetzel” (from Fan-Fare, 1951-1953)

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