Flash Fiction Online Issue #39 December 2016

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The December 2016 issue of Flash Fiction Online. This month’s stories are all about change. For some, it is expected, for others not. Each character deals with it differently, some successfully, some not. But each story touches the heart and, hopefully, will make your next life change a little richer.
First up, from Hannah Dela Cruz, an understated literary piece about a snowy day and Robert Redford—“A Box Full of Winter.”
From FFO Alum, a fantasy offering about the metaphysical manifestations of grief in Kelly Sandoval’s “A Menagerie of Grief.”
Another FFO Alum, Kat Otis, offers us “Hinterlight Abby.” A science fiction story, life aboard a generation ship pairs with belief in unexpected and unsettling ways.
And, finally, this month’s reprint selection, “Molten Heart,” by yet another FFO Alum, Alexis A. Hunter. Get out your tissues. This science fiction tale of maternal love found in an unlikely place will touch even the stoniest hearts.
Plus a new FXXK WRITING column by Jason S. Ridler. Fiction has always fought back.
Just remember, if nothing ever changed there would be no butterflies.

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