The Burt Arthur Western MEGAPACK ®

4 Classic Novels of the Old West

Burt Arthur (Author)

Burt Arthur (1899-1975), a longtime Chicago resident, wrote more than 100 novels over the course of his career, plus numerous radioplays and short stories. He also collaborated with his son, Budd Arthur, on westerns. We are pleased to present a collection of four of Burt Arthur’s classic western novels in the MEGAPACK™ series. Included in this volume are:

BOSS OF THE FAR WEST — The rough-and-ready miners needed Reed McCandless and his Rangers to enforce law and order. But the crooked mine owner has his own idea of justice…

FLAMING GUNS — Meet “Mustang” Marshall, the man who stirred up the hottest hell-hole in the west!

GUNSMOKE IN NEVADA — Ex-Ranger Johnny Canavan was two hundred pounds of fighting man — one hundred pounds to each fist. When he decided to clean up the town, the gang of gunslingers figured they’d better get a lot more muscle if they wanted to stop him…

SILVER CITY RANGERS — When a tall, lanky man named Marshall rode into town, he was just travelling through…until a sheriff’s dead body stopped him…

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