A Wild Epidemic of Magic

Magic: the side effects are painful, if not fatal…

Picking up two months after the explosive and unexpected ending to A Sudden Outbreak of Magic, this second book in the Contagious Magic series opens with Jeroan at Dr. Azure’s mysterious training center while Kelley is stuck in Dubuque, unable to leave her hotel room without a chaperone.

Jeroan’s having a ball learning all about magic, despite being far from home and cut off from his family. Meanwhile, Kelley is miserable and having trouble remembering things.

It’s all part of the epidemic of magic that began when the twins were “infected” with magic two months ago. And they’re learning that something–or someone–has been warping magic, causing some seriously nasty side effects as a result.

When people they care about start disappearing, and people they didn’t think they should care about, like Dr. Azure, get attacked by rogue Blood Sorcerers, Jeroan and Kelley have to act, before this growing epidemic of magic turns deadly.

A Wild Epidemic of Magic is a novel about the consequences of dabbling with ancient powers, learning the truth about yourself and your family, and learning that nothing is at all what it seems, from the author of In Maps & Legends, The All Nations Team, and The Wannoshay Cycle.

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