• The Door to Lost Pages
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    The Door to Lost Pages Claude Lalumiere

    Step through the door to lost pages and escape a life you never wanted.

    On her tenth birthday, Aydee runs away from home and from her neglectful parents. At first, surviving alone on the streets is harsh, but a series of … More

  • The Door in the Mountain
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    The Door in the Mountain Caitlin Sweet


    Lost in time, shrouded in dark myths of blood and magic, The Door in the Mountain leads to the world of ancient Crete: a place where a beautiful, bitter young princess named Ariadne schemes to imprison… More

  • The Lost Level
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    The Lost Level Brian Keene

    Apex is proud to present the first book in Grand Master Award winner Brian Keene’s long-awaited new series, a loving ode to lost world classics like Burroughs’s PELLUCIDAR, Howard’s ALMURIC, and… More

  • The Wolf at the Door
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    The Wolf at the Door Jameson Currier

    From the award-winning author of Where the Rainbow Ends and The Haunted Heart comes a witty tour de force of spirits, spooks, and sinners, a supernatural roller coaster set in the Big Easy that is giddy, soulful, and sentimental.… More

  • That Door Is a Mischief
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    That Door Is a Mischief Alex Jeffers

    Growing up in rural Massachusetts, Liam Shea is very well aware of being different from other high school students. It’s not just having a gay dad that draws the bullies’ attention. For Liam is not an ordinary… More

  • The Lost World MEGAPACK ™
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    The Lost World MEGAPACK ™ H. Rider Haggard et al.

    The Lost World MEGAPACK™ explores strange lands and peoples lost from the rest of civilization — strange continents, hidden valleys, microscopic worlds, and underground kingdoms are just the tip of the iceberg!… More

  • The Man Who Lost Himself
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    The Man Who Lost Himself André Beaunier et al.

    THE MAN WHO LOST HIMSELF tells the story of Michel Bedée, a brilliant scientist whose work on the new element that he’s discovered–sirium–has alienated him from his mother, his sister, and his … More

  • Secret of the Second Door
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    Secret of the Second Door Robert Colby

    Now that the killer was hunting him down, now that he was about to die, Neil wondered: Was Corinne worth dying for? She had lied to him, she had cheated him and been unfaithful to him. Now she had betrayed him. But Neil understood… More

  • Gonji: Fortress of Lost Worlds
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    Gonji: Fortress of Lost Worlds T.C. Rypel

    Renegade half-breed samurai Gonji Sabatake has left the survivors of devastated Vedun, certain that his unknown Enemies—with their mysterious agenda, their monsters and their sorcery—are gathering… More

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