• Japanese Dreams: Fantasies, Fictions and Fairytales
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    Japanese Dreams: Fantasies, Fictions and Fairytales Sean Wallace et al.

    Japanese Dreams takes the reader to the islands of fire and smoke – where shape-shifters, demons and lovers all populate a landscape blossoming with story.

    Imaginative contributions by such well-known writers… More

  • Secret Lives
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    Secret Lives Jeff VanderMeer

    A collection of unique short fictions by World Fantasy Award winner Jeff VanderMeer which have previously available been only in a signed, limited, numbered edition.

    These stories, praised by K.J. Bishop and Liz Williams,… More

  • The Kosher Guide to Imaginary Animals
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    The Kosher Guide to Imaginary Animals Ann & Jeff VanderMeer

    A perfect gift book, this sumptuously illustrated and whimsically bite-sized bestiary is the definitive — in fact only — guide to the kosherness (kashrut) of imaginary animals. It is an undomesticated romp from A to… More

  • The Compass of His Bones and Other Stories
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    The Compass of His Bones and Other Stories Jeff VanderMeer

    This e-book contains World Fantasy Award winner Jeff VanderMeer’s novella “Ghost Dancing with Manco Tupac” and four related short stories: “The Emperor’s Reply,” “The Compass… More

  • Balzac’s War
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    Balzac’s War Jeff VanderMeer

    A deadly invasion of a far-future ecologically ravaged earth. A terrible secret discovered in a ruined city. Earth is no longer ruled by humans, but by the species they uplifted. Creatures called fleshdogs are their… More

  • Icarus, Issue 9
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    Icarus, Issue 9 Steve Berman et al.

    The Magazine of Gay Speculative Fiction. Summer 2011 issue: The always impressive and versatile (or so we hear) Hal Duncan pays gay homage to one of the most well-known films ever, Casablanca. Award-winning poet Geoffrey… More

  • Final Issue:
    Icarus 18 Fall/Winter 2013

    Icarus: 4 issue subscription Steve Berman

    Icarus is closed to new subscribers and will end publication with issue 18. Existing subscriptions will be fulfilled as usual.

    About Icarus

    Icarus: The Magazine of Gay Speculative Fiction, a quarterly full-color … More

  • Beneath Ceaseless Skies Issue #71
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    Beneath Ceaseless Skies Issue #71 Bradley P. Beaulieu et al.

    Issue #71 of Beneath Ceaseless Skies online magazine, featuring Part II of a novelette by Bradley P. Beaulieu and a story by Therese Arkenberg.


    “nice insights about life and death and commitment”… More

  • Moonlight is Bulletproof
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    Moonlight is Bulletproof A. DeNiro

    A new short story from A. DeNiro.

    Jackson is a detective.

    Jackson lives deep underground.

    Jackson lets Dispatch project him into trouble spots around the world, where proxies perform the physical actions for the investigations.… More

  • Part 4, Witches’ Blood
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    Part 4, Witches’ Blood Ginn Hale

    The Rifter is a ten-part serialized novel by award-winning author, Ginn Hale. The first episode, The Shattered Gates, was published on March 8, 2011. Further installments will be published on the second Tuesday… More

  • Something Wicked Issue 10
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    Something Wicked Issue 10 Joe Vaz et al.

    Something Wicked Magazine is a monthly Horror and Science Fiction short story magazine publishing some of the great new voices in the horror and science fiction genres. This issue of Something Wicked Magazine features… More