• Reckoning 1
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    Reckoning 1 Michael J. DeLuca et al.

    Reckoning: an imperfect means of navigation by which one determines where they’re going using only where they’ve been.

    Reckoning: a settling of scores; justice.

    Environmental justice: the notion that the people… More

  • A Summer in the Twenties
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    A Summer in the Twenties Peter Dickinson

    A young man has to choose who to love, who to leave in the 1926 General Strike in Britain.

    In 1926 the British government was worried about revolution. Two million people are about to go on strike and class warfare is about… More

  • Earth Logic
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    Earth Logic Laurie J. Marks

    A thought-provoking sometimes heartbreaking novel which absorbingly examines the dynamics and power shifts between oppressed and oppressor.

    The second book of Shaftal. The country has a ruler again, Karis, a woman… More

  • Highfell Grimoires
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    Highfell Grimoires Langley Hyde

    Publishers Weekly: Best Books of the Year

    Born to privilege, gifted in languages and spells, Neil Franklin has planned his brilliant future – from academic accolades to a proper marriage – and is intent… More

  • The Poison Oracle
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    The Poison Oracle Peter Dickinson

    “I think Peter Dickinson is hands down the best stylist as a writer and the most interesting storyteller in my genre.” —Sara Paretsky, author of Breakdown

    “Small Beer Press, a small publishing company in … More

  • Bad Power
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    Bad Power Deborah Biancotti

    Cover design by Amanda RaineyEbook conversion by Charles Tan

    Hate superheroes? Yeah. They probably hate you, too.

    “There are two kinds of people with lawyers on tap, Mr Grey. The powerful and the corrupt.”… More

  • Death of a Unicorn
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    Death of a Unicorn Peter Dickinson

    ...and duty, and above all, love. Death of a Unicorn is the first in a series of reprints of Peter Dickinson’s mysteries from Small Beer Press. This classic British mystery will win...
  • Earth and Air
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    Earth and Air Peter Dickinson

    In this collection, you will find stories that range from the mythic to contemporary fantasy to science fiction. You will find a troll, gryphons, a beloved dog, the Land of the Dead, an owl, a minotaur, and a very alien … More

  • A Slepyng Hound to Wake
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    A Slepyng Hound to Wake Vincent McCaffrey

    In his second bibliomystery, Boston bookhound Henry Sullivan has a new girlfriend, a new apartment, and a shelfload of troubles.

    Chaucer said “It is nought good a slepyng hound to wake.” Henry Sullivan, bookhound,… More

  • What I Didn’t See and Other Stories
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    What I Didn’t See and Other Stories Karen Joy Fowler

    World Fantasy Award winner

    Read a story now: “Standing Room Only” · “Always

    In her moving and elegant new collection, New York Times bestseller Karen Joy Fowler writes about John Wilkes… More

  • Mockingbird
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    Mockingbird Sean Stewart

    "A wonderfully vivid and unexpected blend of magic realism and finely-observed contemporary experience." —William Gibson, Pattern Recognition
  • Hound
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    Hound Vincent McCaffrey

    When a book dealer's ex-lover is murdered, he is forced to examine his past and investigate the murky depths of literary Boston. Hound is the first of a series of novels featuring Henry Sullivan, and the debut novel of a long-time Boston bookseller, Vincent McCaffrey.
  • Water Logic
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    Water Logic Laurie J. Marks

    A triumph of politics, fantasy, world-building, and intelligent design: of character, world, and magic. Listen to Ch.1
  • $6.99
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    Generation Loss Elizabeth Hand

    Shirley Jackson Award Winner Believer Award Short List
  • Letters to Tiptree
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    Letters to Tiptree Alexandra Pierce et al.

    In celebration of the 100th Anniversary of Alice Sheldon’s birth, and in recognition of the enormous influence of both Tiptree and Sheldon on the field, Twelfth Planet Press is publishing a selection of thoughtful… More

  • Gay Stories Bundle
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    Gay Stories Bundle Steve Berman

    Four best of anthologies at 50% off cover price!

    New: Best Gay Stories 2015

    New: Best Gay Stories 2014

    Best Gay Stories 2013

    Best Gay Stories 2012More