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The New Gothic: Don’t Embrace the Darkness, Fear It cover - click to view full sizeGreetings, Weightless Readers, and please allow us to introduce ourselves. We are Stone Skin Press, a relatively new independent publisher based out of the UK. Given our commitment to delivering a wide range of voices and stories where the only constants are high quality and DRM-free delivery, you can imagine how excited we are to be teamed up with the fine folks at Weightless Books. As for what specifically we publish, that can be best summed up in like this:

Where genre meets literature, where geek culture meets the mainstream, there is Stone Skin Press. With a series of literary anthologies to challenge the boundaries between genres and creative scenes, Stone Skin gathers together writers from such disparate fields as gaming, literary fiction, F/SF, film, YA, comics, and podcasting. Its eclectic author rosters bring colliding perspectives to bear on themes that combine the classic with the surprising.

So that’s us, and we are confident that we have fulfilled that promise with our first six anthologies; there is already something for most everyone in our growing catalogue. Our New Hero series features tales of heroism—and anti-heroism—across a broad spectrum of settings and styles, whereas our Schemers anthology focuses on tales of intrigue and deception in the past, present, and future. If you like your horror as action-packed as it is atmospheric, we’ve got Shotguns v. Cthulhu, but if you prefer spinetinglers of a more classic bent then you’ll find lots to love in The New Gothic. Finally, for the reader who has everything, we’ve got just the thing to tempt your jaded appetite: a gorgeously illustrated collection of modern fables, titled The Lion and The Aardvark.

We believe short stories are one of the most important forms of art, because they allow writers to cut loose and experiment in ways that might be difficult with a longer work for whatever reason. With all of our books we strive for as diverse a range of contributors as possible, because where’s the fun in reading an anthology that keeps hitting the same notes over and over again? We set out with the philosophy that by creating projects with open, intriguing premises we would attract authors from all across the writing world, and so far our theory has been born out. 

A modest cross-sample of our contributors includes Ramsey Campbell, Ekaterina Sedia, Chuck Wendig, Tania Hershman, Jonathan L. Howard, Kathryn Kuitenbrouwer, Alex Bledsoe, Molly Tanzer, Nick Mamatas, Monte Cook, Ed Greenwood, S.J. Chambers, Jesse Bullington, Robert Jackson Bennett, Matt Forbeck, Maurice Broaddus, Elizabeth A. Vaughan, Natania Barron, Kenneth Hite, Julia Bond Ellingboe, Dmetri Kakmi, Tobias S. Buckell, Laura Ellen Joyce, James Wallis, Will Hindmarch, Robin D. Laws, and Kyla Ward.

If you’d like to learn more there’s plenty of information on our website, where we also post excerpts from our books, run giveaways, and blog about everything from how to make the most of your ereader to a blog series wherein our contributors suggest drinks to pair with their fiction. With two more remarkable, original anthologies in the wings, the Stone Skin Press universe is rapidly expanding, and we hope you come along for the ride!

Schemers: Betrayal Knows No Boundaries cover - click to view full size The New Hero Volume 2: New Heroes for a New Age cover - click to view full size The Lion and the Aardvark: Aesop’s Modern Fables cover - click to view full size Shotguns v. Cthulhu cover - click to view full size The New Hero Volume 1: Every Age Needs Its Heroes cover - click to view full size


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