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Clarkesworld Magazine: 12-Month Subscription

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This esubscription is for 12 months/12 issues of Clarkesworld in the format of your choice beginning with the current issue (or the next issue, if you’re already subscribed and renewing).

How It Works

Once you subscribe a link is emailed to you. Click on the link (or paste it into your browser address bar) and it will start your download. The download links are live for 5 days and can also be found on the Thank You page after your order is completed. Then, when a new issue is released, you will be automatically emailed a link. Easy! If you sign up for a Weightless Books account using the email address you provided with your order, your My Library page will have permanent links to all your ebooks and subscriptions. Please email us (or post in the comments) if you have any questions or problems.

About Clarkesworld Magazine

Clarkesworld is a science fiction and fantasy magazine that has been published monthly since October 2006. Each issue contains at least three pieces of original fiction from new and established authors, as well as art, articles, interviews and more.

Fiction from Clarkesworld has won or been nominated for the Hugo, Nebula, World Fantasy, Locus, Sturgeon, Shirley Jackson, Stoker, WSFA Small Press and Science Fiction and Fantasy Translation Awards. Clarkesworld itself received the 2010 and 2011 Hugo Award for Best Semiprozine and Clarkesworld editor Neil Clarke is a 2012 Hugo Award Nominee for Best Editor Short Form.

More information about Clarkesworld can be found at their website,

26 Responses to “Clarkesworld Magazine: 12-Month Subscription”

  1. Peter Carey says:


    I want to send an EPUB subscription as a gift. How do I do that?

  2. Eric Francis says:

    I’m more than happy to buy a subscription for Clarkesworld Magazine. I’ve been reading it for several years and think they are publishing some of the finest short speculative fiction that’s being written today. I discovered Catherynne Valente and Tobias Buckell through Clarkesworld, and that alone is worth the price of admission.

    I firmly believe that lovers of good spec fic should be prepared to support those outlets that are putting quality stories in our hands. I hope others will join me.


    • Tethys says:

      I am glad others feel the same way about Clarkesworld. Authors like Aliette De Bodard and Yun Ha Lee arrived through the Clarkesworld Portal.

      Clarkesworld is publishing some of the smartest and best Sci-Fi and fantasy writing available, not to mention that Kate Baker shines brilliantly on the podcast, with readings that are true to the writing and embody the work. She is an Amazing emissary of this writing.

      Support Clarkesworld. It’s an investment in yourself if you like excellent writing, that moves beyond the pages.

  3. Joe says:

    I wanted to buy the one year subscription but when I select it the sidebar says, “Cart does not meet the minimum requirement for this coupon!” and checkout does not appear to work.

    Is it broken, or have I missed something obvious?


    • Michael says:

      That message shouldn’t interfere with your ability to check out and get your books–we’re running a 33% off sale on PM Press titles; that message is trying to tell you you haven’t added any sale books–but you’re right, it’s confusing and shouldn’t be there. I removed it. Thanks for mentioning this!

  4. Steve says:

    Will a subscription grant access to back issues in epub format? I’d love to get caught up…

  5. Michael: If you can work it out, we’d be happy to offer back issue bundles.

  6. Jack Parkinson says:

    I will subscribe if the files received are DRM free. Apologies if this was specified and I missed it… I’mm happy to support but will not buy files crippled in any way.
    I look forward to receiving your assurance!

  7. Ian Monroe says:

    I’d love if there was a full RSS feed available to subscribers. Ars Technica has this for theirs. I think this would work well for short stories.

  8. Olivia says:

    Is it possible to subscribe to a paperback format of the magazine or only ebook?

  9. Actually, we’ve started publishing print editions of each issue (and are working our way backwards through our back catalog). At present, you can order them from Wyrm Publishing’s website and a certain major online bookseller that begins with A. We don’t have subscription options for the paper edition yet… mainly because the cost of shipping individual issues would make it quite expensive.

  10. Jason Free says:

    I would like to get a 12 month run of Clarkesworld. However, I would like to do this the old fashion way. Could you give me a mailing address to send payment for 12 issues? I would like to get the magazines themeselves, the ones you hold in your hand. Thanks.

  11. mundie says:

    Back issue bundles….. Yes please

  12. robkill says:

    I’d love to renew my subscription, but this page indicates that if I purchase a new subscription now it’ll start with the current issue (#87), which I’ve already got. I don’t see a simple “renew” option. Maybe I missed something. Help?

    • Michael says:

      To renew, just buy another subscription–don’t worry, you won’t get double-charged for the current issue. The site knows if you’re already subscribed, and if so, it just adds twelve issues to however many you currently have left.

      I realize that’s not obvious at the moment–I’ll figure out a way to make it more clear. Thanks for mentioning this!

  13. Zen says:

    I’m a little confused – you say you e-mail a “live link” that is “live” for 5 days. Does that mean if I miss the 5 day “live” window I can’t get that month’s edition?

  14. a9oble says:

    I just looked at renewing my subscription to Clarkesworld and see a price of $35.88. That appears to be about a 50% increase over what I paid last year, and gives me pause for thought about whether I should renew (the same price, or even a 10-15% increase would have made my renewal automatic).
    What is the reason for the big increase?

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