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“At moments screwy, prickly and pleasantly surprising, Gray’s short shorts deliver youthful snapshots about being nuts in love… A delectable debut.”—Publishers Weekly

If anything’s going to save the characters in Amelia Gray’s debut from their troubled romances, their social improprieties, or their hands turning into claws, it’s a John Mayer concert tee. In AM/PM, Gray’s flash-fiction collection, impish humor is on full display. Tour through the lives of 23 characters across 120 stories full of lizard tails, Schrödinger boxes and volcano love. Follow June, who wakes up one morning covered in seeds; Leonard, who falls in love with a chaise lounge; and Andrew, who talks to his house in times of crisis. An intermittent love story as seen through a darkly comic lens, Gray mixes poetry and prose, humor and hubris to create a truly original piece of fiction.

“…believable characters, imaginative language, and beautifully crafted dialogue…”—Rain Taxi

“Amelia Gray is already operating like a seasoned pro. A deceptively big book wrapped in a small package.”—Three Guys One Book

“The stories in AM/PM have ruined me as a reader of shorts. I will no longer be satisfied by the merely beautiful, the singularly clever, or the one big thought purely rendered. I want all those things in a two hundred word package. I want to be highly amused and deeply sad at the exact same time. Amelia Gray packs more power in a paragraph than I thought possible.” —Stacey Swann, Editor of American Short Fiction

“[Amelia Gray’s] visions are direct, devastating, funny and vibrant; it’s not everyone who can find such inspiration in a John Mayer concert T-shirt…”—Eugene Weekly

“Amelia Gray’s AM/PM is a collection of flash fiction, stories that create tangible worlds and interesting characters in their 50 to 150 words. More importantly (and amazingly), read together these stories form a cohesive and often surprising narrative through their recurring themes and characters.”—Largehearted Boy

“Sweetly funny and unpredictable…”—Interview at Powell’s Books Blog

AM/PM by Amanda Gray is a little miracle of a novel — if that’s what it is — each chapter an incident or a part of an incident, nothing longer than a page.  Chet, Missy, Charles, Carla, Hazel, Tess, and John Mayer Concert Tee.  I notice the author calls them stories, but I read them quickly, and I felt I was reading a post-modern novel.  A little like Elizabeth Crane broken into tiny pieces.  At any rate it gave me huge pleasure and a high opinion of Featherproof.” —Paul Ingram, of Prairie Lights Bookstore

“62. AM/PM is a do-it-yourself kit to protect imagination.”—John Madera, Word Riot

“Gray evokes wonder and dread; romanticism and despair. And slowly, as you make your way through AM/PM’s stories, patterns begin to emerge as characters recur and situations evolve — a much more resonant emotional experience than one might expect from flash fiction.”—Interview at The Scowl

“This engaging collection abounds with tiny revelations delivered with great wit, a tour of 23 characters whose connections become slowly apparent as you go along.”—The Nervous Breakdown

AM/PM is a refreshing, magical book, equipped with so much lucid linage that its hard not to want to read each page again and again, extending each small punch of threaded pleasure.…”—HTMLgiant

“At last, a book I can read over and over again. No, seriously. I’m not that guy. This is an important book. I wish that I could just somehow telepathically communicate this fact to you. If you’ve ever trusted any of my recommendations, then trust this one.”—MADOREABLE

“Refreshingly original…”—Interview at Orange Alert

“Amelia has night terrors that make her do funny things in her sleep like stand on the bed and run down the stairs. Once, she kicked out a window…”—Amelia Gray’s Life Story by Michael Kimball

“Perhaps the book I was most looking forward to picking up while driving towards AWP and nearly done reading it, it hasn’t disappointed at all. Sadly, I didn’t even know there was an Amelia Gray about two months ago and now I’ve scoured the web to find any publishings she’s done. This conveniently puts many of them together and is just a fantastic read. Also caught her reading at The Beat Kitchen and had a bit of a chance to talk to her afterward and she’s as nice as she is talented. Rush over to the Featherproof site and you can get this one free if you subscribe to their awesome new subscription series.”—Dan Wickett, Emerging Writers Network

“I heard Amelia Gray read from this Friday night and just about died I liked it so much, then proceeded to babble to her about the brilliance of the recurring motif of the John Mayer concert tee. If you are reading this Amelia, thank you for listening to me babble.”—Jac Jemc

“Amelia Gray is one of my favorite writers publishing online, and I’ve been looking forward to her book AM/PM. It’s a collection of very short stories or sketches or observations or jokes or all the above, really, that at times reminded me of a play I was in once called Comings and Goings and at other times of the recurring Muppet Show segment in which ballroom dancers tell jokes (these are both good things).”—Tawny Grammar

“In concise and often brutal prose, these brief stories give surprisingly comprehensive glimpses into ongoing lives. Each story’s laser-beam focus on a single instant uncovers what’s really happening in the small moments of life, those moments that fit between two blinks of the eyes.”—Literary License

“All the baby birds hang out in this tree and ask me if I’m making the right choices in life.”—Amelia Gray’s Word Space @ HTMLgiant

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