• Sea, Ship, Mountain, Sky
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    Sea, Ship, Mountain, Sky Kelly Link et al.

    A unique collaboration between Kelly Link and Gavin J. Grant, “Sea, Ship, Mountain, Sky” is a story of love and loss, identity and respect, life and death and change.

    Originally published in the summer … More

  • Moonlight is Bulletproof
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    Moonlight is Bulletproof Alan DeNiro

    A new short story from Alan DeNiro.

    Jackson is a detective.

    Jackson lives deep underground.

    Jackson lets Dispatch project him into trouble spots around the world, where proxies perform the physical actions for the … More

  • Pennterra
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    Pennterra Judith Moffett

    Pennterra is a beautiful and fertile planet and humanity’s last hope for survival. But Pennterra is already inhabited. After warning other colony ships to stay away, the small advance colony of Quakers has adapted… More