• Apocalypse Now: Poems and Prose from the End of Days
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    Apocalypse Now: Poems and Prose from the End of Days Andrew McFadyen-Ketchum

    Every society and every generation has its version of the apocalypse: swine flu, genetic mutation, global warming, nuclear fallout, the second coming, peak oil, mass extinction, giant irradiated ants, zombies…… More

  • Tainaron: Mail from Another City
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    Tainaron: Mail from Another City Leena Krohn

    One of the classics of twentieth century fantasy, from an iconic Finnish writer. The reports back from a strange and fascinating city called Tainaron, complete with talking insects and an unnamed narrator who is far… More

  • Don’t Pay Bad for Bad
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    Don’t Pay Bad for Bad Amos Tutuola

    “I first discovered the worlds of Amos Tutuola deep in the African Literature section of Michigan State University’s library. I haven’t been the same since. His stories utterly threw me off. They were Yoruba … More

  • Beneath Ceaseless Skies Issue #111
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    Beneath Ceaseless Skies Issue #111 Noreen Doyle et al.

    Issue #111 of Beneath Ceaseless Skies online magazine, featuring stories by Noreen Doyle and Sue Burke. … More

  • Alternative Alamat
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    Alternative Alamat Paolo Chikiamco et al.

    Philippine mythology is full of images that ignite the imagination: gods of calamity and baldness, of cosmic time and lost things; the many-layered Skyworld, and weapons that fight their own battles; a ship that is … More

  • Dogs
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    Dogs Nancy Kress

    “Kress, a witty and engaging writer, creates chilling suspense as twisty as a DNA double helix.” -Publishers Weekly

    “Her style is devilishly inventive, her characters are more than cardboard … More

  • Icarus 15: Winter 2012-13
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    Icarus 15: Winter 2012-13 Steve Berman et al.

    Winter has arrived with Icarus 15 and with it ghosts and doppelgangers. The Magazine of Gay Speculative Fiction welcomes stories by our old friends Peter Dube and Lambda Literary Award winning author Richard Bowes … More

  • Earth at Risk: Building a Resistance Movement to Save the Planet
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    Earth at Risk: Building a Resistance Movement to Save the Planet Derrick Jensen et al.

    “In America, four hundred people own the wealth of more than half of the American population. We should not be saying tax the rich, but instead we should be saying take their money and redistribute it, take More

  • The Kite of Stars and Other Stories
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    The Kite of Stars and Other Stories Dean Francis Alfar

    “Blindfolded courier pigeons, insatiable appetites, overwhelming pride, toes painted blue, spooned soursop, the AsiaPac community station in geosynch orbit around the moon, love without a heart, tragedy… More

  • Women Writing the Weird
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    Women Writing the Weird Deb Hoag

    Features international, award-winning writers.The first comprehensive anthology of its kind it comprises of contemporary fantasy, science fiction and cross-genre fiction.… More

  • Queer and Loathing on the Yellow Brick Road
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    Queer and Loathing on the Yellow Brick Road Deb Hoag

    An adult take on a popular children’s series. Takes advantage of the popularity of Wicked and the 2012 release of Oz: The Great and Powerful, introducing queer themes to the Land of Oz.… More

  • Bite Me, Robot Boy
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    Bite Me, Robot Boy Adam Lowe

    Bite Me, Robot Boy is a seminal new anthology of poetry and fiction spanning genres, styles and cultures. This is a compilation of what Dog Horn Publishing does best: writing that takes risks, crosses boundaries and … More